Become our partner!

We constantly update and expand our range of gifts, so we are looking for new partners and service suppliers throughout Moldova.

We are also interested in working with resellers to distribute our gift cards at outlets throughout Moldova.

Benefits from the partnership for service suppliers:

– Increase the recognition of your company and brand, popularization of the services and products;
– Our website, gift wrappings, on which the name of your company is placed, logo and description become an additional and inexpensive advertising channel;
– The opportunity to show buyers that the services or goods you offer are potential ideas for gifts;
– You don’t incur additional costs in the field of e-commerce implementation and administration, as we will be engaged in servicing the gift project. You only need to formulate proposals and provide us. We will answer all your questions, call us: 060 610 900, 079 004 556, 069 130 663.

We are sure that we will be able to build mutually beneficial cooperation for many years!