This is an unforgettable emotional adventure that you can give or receive from a person congratulating you. «GiftCard» opens the door to an adventure world that will make you and your loved ones laugh, enjoy, feel, participate, relax and, most importantly, live a full life!



Each gift card contains a unique adventure. Now in the «GiftCard» stores more than 200 different gift cards are available – training, restaurants, outdoor activities, entertainment, health and beauty. The cards have a beautiful design and convenient form factor, so that you can easily fit it in your purse or pocket.


Gift cards are valid for 12 months after purchase. Upon the expiration of the card term, the service isn’t provided, and money cannot be returned.

If the validity period of the Buyer’s Gift Card expires in accordance with Clause 5.1. of the Agreement, then within 1 (one) month after such expiry of time-limit the Buyer has the right once to extend the validity period for one more year, but only in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

a) The service mentioned in the Gift Card is still available and/or will be available during the relevant year;
b) The price of the service mentioned in the Gift Card remains unchanged by the supplier;
c) Within 1 (one) month after the expiry of validity period of the Card or Voucher, the Buyer must pay «GiftCard» a renewal amount of 25% of the current service cost mentioned in the gift Card or Voucher.