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What is included in this proposal?

– Trip on a limousine Infinity QX 56 of white color, 2008 year made, holds 18 persons;
– Mini-trip within the city.

Who is this gift card for?

A gift card is for anyone who wants to decorate a celebration with an unforgettable trip on a limousine.

Additional Information:

  Participants — 1-18 persons
  Duration — 1-2 hours
  Season — All year
  Date of expiry — 12 months
  Other information — Pre-registration is required! Outing is additionally paid.

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What is special in this proposal?

Who didn’t dream of a ride on a comfortable luxury limousine? Now everyone has such a chance! Magic trip on a limousine Infinity QX 56 will fulfill all your dreams.

Limousine Infiniti QX-56 – this is the embodiment of elegance and style. His salon is projected by a well-known design firm. Leather seats with unusual inserts and an original approach to interior design distinguish this limousine among the rest.

What bride doesn’t dream about wedding with a limousine? Decorate a beautiful wedding evening by a trip on a limousine, give your bride a «dream come true»! For the parents or friends of the newlyweds such a certificate will be an excellent solution for a gift. Lovers will appreciate your original approach.

Large, for the entire length of the cabin, ribbed mirror-like ceiling gives the luxury for limousine. It’s like moving you to the Mirror-world, where unexpected events and bright discoveries take place. The floor shimmers like a rainbow.

Such a gift certificate will be an excellent surprise for the bridal shower. Friends of the bride, organize a bright and unforgettable evening for your beloved friend! After all, to say goodbye to bachelorhood is necessary in a big way!

A modern Philips DVD system, 20 branded Infinity speakers and three powerful subwoofers will spread your favorite music all over the car interior and beyond! Let your journey be accompanied by groovy music, from which you want to dance!

Magic trip on a limousine Infinity QX 56 is an ideal gift from parents to graduates. Your children will be delighted with this mini-trip. A trip on a limousine, where they will have fun together and remember the funniest days of school, will unite them even more.

The salon is equipped with air conditioning, which will maintain a comfortable temperature. Heat or severe frost outside is not a hindrance to a magical journey.

Inside you will also find a set of glasses, ice buckets and two bar counters with a blue backlight. Everything is done for you, don’t worry about anything and, as it should, have fun!

Celebrate the birthday in a big way! A trip on a limousine will be an original decision for a birthday present from parents or friends. Give loved ones unforgettable emotions!

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