1,750.00 MDL

What is included in this proposal?

– The duration of the dance is up to 10 minutes.

Who is this gift card for?

For young girls in a fun company, brides and cheerful, energetic women working in the same team.

Additional Information:

  Season – All year
  Date of expiry – 12 months
  Other information – Pre-registration is required! (18+)

What is special in this proposal?

The hen party is a traditional women’s event, when the bride bids farewell to a carefree, free life in the company of the best girlfriends. Let’s make this evening even brighter! The visit of muscular handsome men in piquant underwear will be very welcome!

A male striptease, like a female striptease, has become a popular entertainment of an erotic nature, in demand at friendly parties, birthdays and even corporate parties. The women’s team will be pleasantly surprised and excited if a professional stripper congratulates them as a New Year’s gift. Hot dance in his performance, erotic underwear (and after – and his absence) will charge ladies of any age with positive energy, and will make them feel ten years younger!

Without men’s striptease, almost no hen party can do! After all, this is the last evening of the girl as a free person, not burdened with domestic problems and duties of the wife. This tradition – to invite a half-naked dancer to the bride’s holiday – came to us from Western countries. There is an opinion that there shouldn’t be representatives of a male on the girls’ party. This rule applies to everyone except the stripper!

You can order the men’s striptease for a fun corporate. Surprise the rugged chief accountant, cheer a strict director or get to beat faster the heart of a new employee – all this can be done with the arrival of a handsome muscleman! Such an event will be discussed for a long time in the corridors of the office building.

A lot of emotions, impressions and cheerful mood are guaranteed for a long time! If you wish, you can order a stripper dressed in a festive costume. Apparel can be selective or thematic, depending on the holiday: for the New Year the man will wear a Santa Claus hat, and on the World Women’s Day you will be visited by a relief and sexy March cat.

You will enjoy an erotic dance throughout the entire time during which you will be enchanted and excited by the dancer’s smooth movements. The playlist includes three tunes and you are entertained by a professional. In general, the erotic show lasts about 10 minutes.

It happens that the men’s striptease becomes an excellent fun for making a piquant note in the family life! The man-dancer your beloved doesn’t perceive as an object of desire, more like an artist. And she will transfer all her passion, excitement and energy to her soul mate – that is, to you.

During the dance, a woman will feel beloved, a fire in her chest rekindles, so many people have been extinguished before this moment. Often, strippers cause girls to have secret desires and emotions, which the ladies hadn’t previously guessed. This is a great way not only to spend an unforgettable evening, but also to get to know yourself, your female «I».

You can order a men’s striptease on the birthday of your beloved sister or girlfriend. Young soul girls will appreciate such an original present. To inflame an already merry party with erotic dance, extraordinary contests – it’s easy!

Passionate, emotional dance performed by a young handsome man can also be ordered in a sauna (you can also get a certificate for going to the sauna on our end) – the hot atmosphere will get even hotter! In the sauna are often held hen parties, corporate parties and merry birthdays – such a gift will be a pleasant addition to the general fun.

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