1,020.00 MDL1,530.00 MDL

What is included in this proposal?

Panels in three parts, sizes to choose:
— 120х60;
— 150х70;
— 180х80.

Who is this gift card for?

For lovers of beauty and art, as well as those who want to decorate their homes with memorable pictures in a non-standard format.

Additional Information:

  Locationmun. Chișinău. Str. Decebal, 80/1
  Participants — 1 person
  Season — All year
  Date of expiry — 12 months
  Other information — Pre-registration is required!

Clear selection

What is special in this proposal?

Fine compositions from pictures will decorate your apartment or spacious office, introducing notes of freshness and refinement in any interior. Get a card for modular paintings from the studio «Les Print» for your family or best friends for any holiday and join the modern art of digital printing! High image quality of any formats is now available in our city.

Modular paintings – the concept is relatively new and unknown to many citizens, ignorant of photographic art. This trend of recent seasons has become an indispensable part of the interior of many fashion houses, hotels, luxury hotels and apartments where bohemian people live. So why not decorate your home with such an exclusive accessory? Moreover, the cost of such pleasure isn’t so high.

Studio «Les Print» offers customers to print compositions consisting of three modular paintings. In fact, this is one picture, divided into three or more modules – separate canvases, isolated from each other at a short distance. When you look at them, you get a sense of the integrity and volume of the overall picture, but you can see that in reality these are separate fragments of a single image.

The location of the modular paintings on the wall is also made in an original way: not in one line, but as if in a leaping order. At the same time, the fragment order is preserved to achieve a sense of integrity. The paintings may differ in size and be arranged in a single row, but looking at them, a feeling of ambiguity and realism bordering on surrealism will be created.

Pictures of the modular plan – the brightest decoration of any living room, dining room, bedroom or lobby area! You can choose the thematic image, appropriate to the situation or the purpose of a particular room. For example, a delicious still-life from seasonal fruits in the kitchen or a big fairy-tale castle on the wall in the children’s room. There is no limit to the customer’s imagination – you choose the desired image yourself, and if necessary, the photographic studio staff will help you.

An excellent solution will be to print a modular picture with a photo of all the family members and decorate with this kind of collage your own living room. Then, family gatherings by the fireplace or joint viewing of films will be even more pleasant, an atmosphere of unusual warmth and comfort will be created. And if on the photo will be present and close friends of the family – then the card will be an excellent gift and for them for a birthday!

As a basis for modular paintings, a strong and dense canvas is used, with which a special skeleton-stretcher is wrapped. All working materials used in the studio are of high quality and don’t harm health, including coloring pigments. The canvas itself of high strength is made of natural materials, excellent absorbing pigmented paint. The paint itself is resistant to moisture and light, so paintings can be hung even on the walls of the bathroom or sauna.

Present a card for the purchase of modular paintings to your mom or girlfriend – such a surprise on March 8 or the anniversary will be an excellent addition to the holiday. After all, with its help you can then display the funny parties in the digital format of realistic photos! How nice it will be then to look, remember and admire the happy faces of loved ones, sitting in a comfortable living room…

The newlyweds will be pleased with the card: they have a wonderful chance to capture important moments of the wedding in the original three-dimensional format! Any event – the child’s christening, adulthood, photo session while traveling to exotic countries – will be saved not only in your memories, but also in non-standard voluminous modular pictures.

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