300.00 MDL

What is included in this proposal?

— Hand massage;
— Paraffin bath (3 procedures).

Who is this gift card for?

For those who care about the health and beauty of their hands. An unusual and useful gift for women.

Additional Information:

  Locationmun. Chișinău, str-la Teatrului 6
  Participants — 1 person
  Season — All year
  Date of expiry — 12 months
  Other information — Pre-registration is required!

What is special in this proposal?

The hands are the woman’s visiting card. Ladies do their best to take care of their hands, using creams, scrubs and other cosmetics. However, it isn’t always possible to achieve the desired result, especially if the skin is sensitive to changes in air temperature on the street and is susceptible to dryness.

The most effective method of skin care is paraffinotherapy. Paraffin baths have medicinal properties, which fight with dryness and sloughing of the skin. They actively nourish the skin, which is especially important in the winter season.

Such a gift certificate will be a real surprise for every woman. This gift will be relevant at any time of the year and regardless of the holiday, whether it’s a birthday, 8th March or a bachelorette party! After all, paraffinotherapy is a real paradise for women’s hands!

Paraffin bath for hands helps normalize water balance and improve blood circulation. Special cosmetic paraffin is used for the procedures.

The result of paraffinotherapy will not keep you waiting. The skin will become softer and silky. On the hand’s skin often appear cracks and irritation, mainly because of the cold. Paraffin bath will cope with this «disease». In addition, paraffin helps to smooth wrinkles.

This procedure begins with steaming, then a peeling to clean the hand’s skin of any contaminants and dead cells. After, the skin is applied with serum for moisturizing, and the specialist does massage of hands. After all the stages passed, the paraffinotherapy starts.

Because the procedure is based on the thermal effects of paraffin, when it is done, the skin is steamed and heated. This contributes to the pore widening and, as a consequence, the elimination of toxins.

As you know, one procedure isn’t always enough. For a more effective result, it is recommended to take a course of paraffinotherapy. You can purchase a gift certificate for 10 procedures (cost – 700 lei). This is the most beneficial and rational decision, especially if you decide to undergo a full course of therapy.

Get a gift certificate for visiting the paraffin treatment, take care of your tender hands!

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