1,250.00 MDL

What is included in this proposal?

– training in the rules of insurance and safety, elements of rock climbing techniques;
– distribution of safety equipment.

Who is this gift card for?

For everyone who loves extreme sports, who has an active life position and who is eager to learn new things.

Additional Information:

  LocationOld Orhei
  Participants — 2 persons
  Clothing — Sports clothes and footwear
  Weather — Favorable
  Duration — 2 hours
  Season — All year
  Date of expiry — 12 months
  Other information — Pre-registration is required! This attraction can be dangerous for your health.

What is special in this proposal?

Who said that rock climbing is difficult, dangerous and unavailable for those who don’t do it professionally? For lovers of adrenaline and new sensations, we offer the perfect adventure – purchase of a gift card for a master class on rock climbing, conducted on the real cliffs of Old Orhei! A gift is for two persons, so feel free to take your friend, sister or best half with you.

A fascinating event is held in the open countryside, where you can admire the stunning views of the ancient city and the picturesque landscapes of the wild. From a height of 30 m – such is the height of the rocks where you will climb – you will see the beautiful valleys of Orhei and also you can save it on memorable photos with a loved one who agreed to this adventure!

The master class is conducted by a qualified instructor-climber who will give participants clear instructions about safety measures and behavior during the climbing. It should be remembered that you are in an open area where the wind is blowing, so in advance, stock up with warm clothes, which don’t hamper the movement during climbing. Climbing equipment is distributed for the all duration of the master class.

During the lesson the instructor will teach you the intricacies of correct belay, teach you how to use safety equipment and show the basic elements of rock climbing technique. After that you will be able to climb by yourself at first to a small height, and then higher and higher to the mountain top. It is also important to pay great attention to the values of personal mutual trust, because everything can happen in the mountains, and it is important to feel support of your fellow mountaineer!

The climbing wall in Old Orhei is a section of rocks of natural origin. Therefore, when climbing, you will feel like a true conqueror of the peaks, climbing to a height of 30 m somewhere in the Himalayas – so unique will be your impressions! We remind you that the climbing wall is located in an open airy area, so it is advisable to take warm clothes with you.

All safety equipment – helmets, carbines with cables, hammers with sharp edges for clinging to rocky ledges and the like – are given by instructors for the duration of training. The process lasts two hours, during which you will learn all the details of correct and safe climbing, feel the surge of strength and adrenaline, enjoy the amazing views of the green valleys. The only thing is that the transfer to Orhei isn’t included in the price, so the participants will have to get to the place by themselves.

Gift a card for rock climbing to your husband or boyfriend – a true man will always appreciate the daring act of his passion and will understand that with you he can start any adventure! The gift is relevant for any holiday: Christmas, anniversary of relationship, wedding or birthday.

If you want to surprise a friend or brother with an unusual gift, then you can not think of a better way than to go on an extreme journey through the rocks! You will feel free and all-powerful, conquering the wild peaks of the Orhei Mountains under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor. This is an excellent gift for the age of majority or the end of the university.

A card for a master class on rock climbing can surprise your beloved parents by presenting them such a gift on the anniversary of their wedding or birthday. Later they will make boast of colorful photos made on the background of the landscape, and share the unforgettable impressions of the climb!

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