950.00 MDL

What is included in this proposal?

– professional instructor;
– training;
– 50 rounds of 9 caliber.

Who is this gift card for?

For anyone who wants to learn how to shoot properly and hit the target.

Additional Information:

  Locationmun. Chișinău, str. N. Zelinskii, 12
  Participants — 1 person
  Duration — 2 hours
  Date of expiry — 12 months
  Other information — Pre-registration is required!

What is special in this proposal?

The shooting has long been not only a necessity for military operations, but also a popular hobby. Not only men, but also women want to learn how to shoot.

The shooting club «Magnum» is considered one of the best in Moldova. Professional instructors will teach you everything that they know themselves. Training is conducted by real masters in their field. You are given all the equipment necessary for training, but you can also come with your weapon.

A gift card from the shooting club «Magnum» can be an unusual congratulation to a friend, for example, on his birthday or on February 23. Perhaps he dreams of learning how to shoot, so fulfill his dream!

With the help of a personal instructor, you will not just shoot, but learn how to handle weapons properly, regardless of the situation. The instructor will do everything so that you can easily aim and hit exactly in the target.

The certificate for attending a personal training session on shooting is an original and thematic gift. It will be very relevant on February 23. Such a card can be presented to dad, uncle, or boyfriend. There are no age limits for such a surprise.

The shooting club «Magnum» is responsible not only for quality training, but also for a pleasant atmosphere. Training takes place in a cozy wide room, where is everything necessary not only for study, but also for recreation.

Of course, you can learn to shoot yourself by visiting a shooting gallery. However, only a specialist will be able to point out your mistakes, correct the sight and interest you so much that the results will not keep you waiting!

Don’t forget that such a gift can please a girl, depending on her hobbies. If you know that a girl is fond of shooting, then personal training will only strengthen her skills, and you will become for her the most original man.

Shooting club «Magnum» is called the best also because the experience of instructors here exceeds 15-year-old border, which speaks about the skill and unconditional quality of training.

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