1,500.00 MDL

What is included in this proposal?

– spa + massage, dry sauna, Jacuzzi.

Who is this gift card for?

For those who appreciate quality rest and prefer to give pleasant gifts.

Additional Information:

  Locationmun. Chișinău, str. V. Alexandri, 113
  Participants – 2 persons
  Duration – 2 hours
  Season – All year
  Date of expiry – 12 months
  Other information – Pre-registration is required!

What is special in this proposal?

Do you want to spend the next weekend unusually and profitably? Give yourself or your loved ones a gift certificate for SPA procedures and general massage. A pleasant pastime is guaranteed!

Within 2 hours you will feel the beneficial effect of the sauna with dry steam, relax in the Jacuzzi and indulge tired muscles with a professional massage! This is the best way to spend a weekend!

Give the certificate to your parents so that they can spend time together in an unusual atmosphere and with health benefits. They will appreciate your care!

The effect of a sauna with dry steam is similar to a good workout in the gym. If you aren’t a big fan of physical activities, but, nevertheless, aspire to a healthy lifestyle, such a SPA-package will benefit your body.

Give the certificate to a friend, sister or mother! Women at any age like to look after their bodies. The combination of dry steam, hot tub and massage will not only have a cosmetic, but also a healing effect.

Present an original gift to the future bride. In pre-wedding turmoil, 2 hours of paradise rest will restore strength. Jacuzzi perfectly calms the nerves and relaxes.

A lot of air bubbles softly massage the entire body. Thanks to the whirlpool effect of the Jacuzzi, blood circulation improves, the appearance of cellulite reduces and stress decreases.

If you notice that one of your friends or relatives is often sick, tired and constantly complains of a bad mood, support him! Present a card and make him a company for visiting SPA-procedures. A full body massage, Jacuzzi and sauna with dry steam will help those who have weakened immunity.

Arrange a romantic entertainment, giving yourself and your other half a certificate for a set of SPA-procedures. It’s nice to surprise your loved one by inviting her instead of going to the cinema or a cafe to spend 2 hours in the «V.OK esthetic & spa». You can enjoy the contrasting sensations by visiting the sauna with a dry steam, and then in the Jacuzzi.

Such a gift is appropriate for any celebration! Birthday, anniversary of the wedding, New Year, March 8 and February 23, and, of course, Valentine’s Day are holidays, when you can present a complex of SPA-procedures from «V.OK esthetic & spa».

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