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A romantic trip on «helena»

2,200.00 L

A segway walk

240.00 L400.00 L

An event with horses

500.00 L

Bike ride through the city

160.00 L

Champagne degustation for 2 persons

800.00 L

Degustation of «cabernet» wines from different producers for 2 persons

600.00 L

Degustation of cognac for 2 persons

1,200.00 L

Degustation of moldavian wines for 2 persons

700.00 L

Extreme drive on the off-road

3,000.00 L

Flying a “sting 2000” airplane

800.00 L1,600.00 L

Flying a «pipistrel virus sw-121» airplane

800.00 L1,600.00 L

Game of mafia for children

1,900.00 L

Game of mafia for company

1,900.00 L2,700.00 L

Game of mafia for two

200.00 L

Horse ride walk in the city

500.00 L

Horse ride walk in the forest

500.00 L

Horse ride walk in the forest for a family

750.00 L

Horse riding

250.00 L

Horse riding for kids

250.00 L

Horse riding lessons

2,000.00 L

Master class – rock climbing in the climbing center “aventura”

550.00 L

Parachute jump

1,800.00 L

Pistol shooting

455.00 L

Plane flight for three

1,800.00 L3,000.00 L