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Certificate for facial massage and alginate mask

1,100.00 L

Certificate to the salon “aquaterra beauty”

1,000.00 L2,000.00 L

Diamond face resurfacing from «perfect look»

500.00 L

Facial rejuvenation with 24-carat gold

450.00 L

Hardware hydration of face from «perfect look»

500.00 L

Lpg massage from «perfect look»

500.00 L

Modeling and coloring the eyebrows from the “kiss beauty salon” salon

200.00 L

Moisturizing face procedures with hyaluronic acid

400.00 L

Non-injection mesotherapy from «perfect look»

500.00 L

Professional evening make-up

400.00 L

Rf-lifting from «perfect look»

1,000.00 L

Piercing in the salon «tattoo studio 502»

200.00 L

Permanent make-up in the salon «tattoo studio 502»

700.00 L

Microblading from «tattoo studio 502»

900.00 L

Skin resurfacing with carbon dioxide without injections

550.00 L

Facial rejuvenation without injections

550.00 L

Courses of tattoo and permanent make-up

4,400.00 L

Lips volumizing

2,900.00 L

Ultrasonic face cleaning

400.00 L

Lymph drainage facial massage + mask + peeling

250.00 L

Face cleaning

350.00 L

Hairstyle + manicure + make up

980.00 L

Deep bleaching from «brilliant smile»

850.00 L

Express bleaching from «brilliant smile»

450.00 L