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4 oysters + 2 wine glasses from «gastrobar»

450.00 L 330.00 L

Barista for your event

1,200.00 L3,600.00 L

Bessarabia coffee

150.00 L

Champagne degustation for 2 persons

800.00 L

Coffee from sultan (for two persons)

150.00 L

Coffee history of chisinau

500.00 L

Degustation of «cabernet» wines from different producers for 2 persons

600.00 L

Degustation of cognac for 2 persons

1,200.00 L

Degustation of moldavian wines for 2 persons

700.00 L

Dinner in the capital restaurant «gastrobar»

1,000.00 L

Dinner in the moldavian restaurant «vatra neamului»

500.00 L1,000.00 L

Dozen oysters + bottle of wine from «gastrobar»

1,200.00 L 660.00 L

Family dinner at the restaurant «oliva»

500.00 L1,000.00 L

Mussels pot in belgian style for two persons from «gastrobar»

600.00 L

Pizza making master class from restaurant «oliva»

500.00 L

Rest for a couple in the guest house of the winery «et cetera»

3,000.00 L

Tasting set for two persons from «gastrobar»

300.00 L

Whisky degustation for two persons

1,200.00 L

Romantic dinner on the roof of the hotel «manhatten»

2,300.00 L

Certificate for restaurant «fortus»

400.00 L1,000.00 L