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Children’s workshop “flower coctail”

250.00 L

Hen-party “head wreathes weaving” from “cadouri md”

1,820.00 L

Horse riding lessons

2,000.00 L

Master – class “seasonal bouquet”

380.00 L

Windsurfing + training

800.00 L

Courses of tattoo and permanent make-up

4,400.00 L

Subscription on strip plastic lessons

345.00 L

Certificate to dance lessons

345.00 L

Individual dance lesson (for two persons)

220.00 L

Individual choreography

220.00 L

Dance lessons: bachata, kizomba, salsa

200.00 L

Modern dances for children

290.00 L

Individual lesson of english language

250.00 L

Spoken english

3,840.00 L

General course of english language

3,520.00 L

Training 1c-enterprise (version 7.7, version 8.3)

850.00 L

Belly dance training

360.00 L

Belly dance individual lesson

160.00 L

Driver’s license category «с» (theory)

1,600.00 L

Accounting for beginners

3,400.00 L

Fashion design courses

3,850.00 L

Driving school category «в» (theory)

900.00 L

Driving license category «в» (theory and driving)

4,100.00 L

Motocycle driving lessons

1,600.00 L