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“him and her” spa ritual from “aquaterra wellness & spa”

2,400.00 L

“” travel agency certificate

1,000.00 L2,000.00 L

4 oysters + 2 wine glasses from «gastrobar»

450.00 L 330.00 L

A portrait by photo

1,000.00 L2,000.00 L

A romantic video clip from «frame studio»

2,500.00 L

An unforgettable day in “aquaterra wellness & spa”

1,000.00 L2,000.00 L

Bright braids with kanekkolon

250.00 L

Certificate for swiss watches

1,500.00 L3,000.00 L

Dozen oysters + bottle of wine from «gastrobar»

1,200.00 L 660.00 L

Family dinner at the restaurant «oliva»

500.00 L1,000.00 L

Flying a “sting 2000” airplane

800.00 L1,600.00 L

Flying a «pipistrel virus sw-121» airplane

800.00 L1,600.00 L

Foam massage from “aquaterra wellness & spa”

1,000.00 L

Hardware pedicure

200.00 L

Herbal bags massage from “aquaterra wellness & spa”

900.00 L

Horse ride walk in the city

500.00 L

Horse riding lessons

2,000.00 L

Mussels pot in belgian style for two persons from «gastrobar»

600.00 L

Photo session with decor from «framestudio»

3,000.00 L

Pizza making master class from restaurant «oliva»

500.00 L

Portrait in oils by photo

1,800.00 L4,200.00 L 1,620.00 L3,570.00 L

Spa + massage for two persons

1,500.00 L

Swedish massage from “aquaterra wellness & spa”

600.00 L

Tasting set for two persons from «gastrobar»

300.00 L