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“” travel agency certificate

1,000.00 L2,000.00 L

A fairytale trip with «white horse»

1,540.00 L2,640.00 L

A magic trip that makes dreams true

1,650.00 L2,640.00 L

A romantic trip on «helena»

2,200.00 L

Champagne degustation for 2 persons

800.00 L

Degustation of cognac for 2 persons

1,200.00 L

Rest for a couple in the guest house of the winery «et cetera»

3,000.00 L

Whisky degustation for two persons

1,200.00 L

Spa package «adam and eve» in the hotel «manhatten»

2,200.00 L

Romantic night at the hotel «manhatten»

2,500.00 L

Women’s striptease

1,500.00 L

Module art panels from the studio «les print»

1,020.00 L1,530.00 L

Print on the canvas in the printing house «les print»

340.00 L510.00 L

Men’s striptease

1,750.00 L

Karaoke away + dj

3,300.00 L 2,950.00 L

Balloon flight

2,000.00 L 1,900.00 L

A walk in the clouds by the balloon

7,000.00 L 6,600.00 L