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300.00 L500.00 L

What is included in this proposal?

– a certificate to the value of 300 – 500 lei.

Who is this gift card for?

A gift certificate will be appreciated by all connoisseurs of quality and natural cosmetics.

Additional Information:

 Location – Chisinau, Alexandru cel Bun 91A
 Participants – 1 person
 Season – All year
 Date of expiry – 12 months

Clear selection

What is special in this proposal?

A gift certificate for cosmetic products from «Melaya Natural Cosmetics» is a gift that will bring joy to a woman of any age. It is well known that representatives of the beautiful half of humanity love to pay attention to self-care.

A certificate for the purchase of handmade cosmetics will be an exclusive gift for a mother, grandmother or daughter. All cosmetics are hypoallergenic and made of natural ingredients.

On the eve of the New Year make a gift to your beloved one. Just purchase a certificate for the products of «Melaya Natural Cosmetics». This in-house company offers a wide range of cosmetic products for the care of hair, body and face.

All cosmetics are manufactured immediately before the sale, so they don’t contain any preservatives. Creams, balms and scrubs are made from natural oils with the addition of fragrant herbs, citrus fruits and berries.

If your girlfriend is a fan of organic products and organic cosmetics, she will appreciate the gift card for the purchase of cosmetics from «Melaya Natural Cosmetics». It’s nice to feel that the cosmetics you use are made especially for you!

What could be the best gift for March 8th, than natural cosmetics! The assortment of «Melaya Natural Cosmetics» is so rich that the purchase of a certificate can be made a good family tradition.

The certificate for the purchase of products from «Melaya Natural Cosmetics» is perfect by Valentine’s Day. Present your girlfriend the feeling of the summer with the smell of watermelon fresh, green lime or cherry jam!

Your friend is sad in the whirlwind of everyday life, isn’t she? Go together for a purchase of natural cosmetics from «Melaya Natural Cosmetics». A gift certificate will allow you to choose any care products for your hair, body or face.

Is your daughter-teenager, granddaughter or niece passionate about cosmetics? Help her to form a good taste, give her a certificate for the products of «Melaya Natural Cosmetics».

Any recipient of a gift certificate from «Melaya Natural Cosmetics» will find a suitable cosmetic for self-care. A gift certificate for «Melaya Natural Cosmetics» is a manifestation of love and care for the close and dear people.


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Сумма чека

300 lei, 500 lei