1,200.00 L

What is included in this proposal?

– champagne;
– plateau of chocolate;
– rose petals;
– fruit;
– breakfast.

Who is this gift card for?

For all couples in love who want to bring romance into their lives.

Additional Information:

 Location – Chisinau, Bucuresti, 9
 Participants – 2 persons
 Clothing – Suitable for a romantic evening
 Duration – 1 night
 Season – All year
 Date of expiry – 12 months
 Other information – Pre-registration is required! The service is available only from 18 years of age!

What is special in this proposal?

If you really love your soul mate and wish to conquer her heart again and again, then arrange an unforgettable romantic night in the hotel «Bella Donna»! Luxurious decorations of a presentable hotel, experienced and elegant staff guarantees cozy and warm atmosphere for the couple in love.

Relations between people must certainly be diluted with bright events and impressions, otherwise the life together will easily turn into a boring routine. The joint decision of Giftcard and the hotel «Bella Donna» will help you turn life into a day in a fairy tale! Luxurious apartments with a Double bed, decorated with rose petals are offered to guests. A delicate floral aroma, being in the air and a colorful heart on the bedcover will embolden any lady.

To warm up the love appetite of lovers will help a rich «sweet buffet». The plateau of chocolate and fresh fruit fill the room with theirs aroma. They will dilute mild dizziness after you taste the chic champagne prudently chilled by the maid. The sounds of magic music in the reception area will set you on the right way and inspire you to romantic feats.

In the morning, after the end of the magic night of love, filled with a pink scent, bubbles of champagne and passionate love confessions, you will be pleasantly admired by the additional surprise from the hotel staff. You will be awakened by the knock of a maid at the door. She came to please you with an appetizing breakfast, served directly in bed. Invigorating coffee or tea, tasty food hot from the oven is a worthy completion of a stormy romantic night, isn’t it?

A gift card for a romantic evening at the hotel «Bella Donna» is the perfect way to make peace with your sweetheart. If there is a conflict in your couple and you don’t know how to make the first step towards reunion, then invite her to join you in this delicate and tender environment. Don’t doubt because such a surprise will make the lady forget about all the insults and again blaze to you with sincere love.

Such a non-trivial gift will be an excellent choice for those lovers who are preparing to celebrate a momentous event – the anniversary of the wedding or the beginning of the relationship. For couples who have been living within marriage for a long time, a romantic night in a hotel will be a particularly piquant event: after all, daily life and everyday fuss are killers of romance and passion. A single trip to the hotel for a romantic date will help you to feel the blood boiling again in the veins, feel dizzy from the kiss of your favorite lips, awake in yourself the abyss of passion!

With the help of a gift card you can spend an interesting and unforgettable Valentine’s Day. The festival of the merger of the two hearts into one whole should become a happy day, which will be remembered forever. Therefore, a romantic trip for one night on February 14 will certainly light up your souls with the flame of one love!

To please your lady with a gift in the form of a night of love is possible on the World Women’s Day. Give her an unforgettable evening of bliss, where only you the two together will be in the whole world. After such an event, who knows, maybe your lady will be so fascinated by the magic of romance that she will arrange such nights more often at home!

A pleasant surprise will be a card for your beloved parents on the anniversary of their wedding. Perhaps, at first they will be amazed by your courage, but after spending a night away from home hustle and bustle and with passion and romance, they will surely thank you. And you will see how their faces have changed – mom and dad become younger for several years, because love inspires!


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