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What is included in this proposal?

  • “Barista on the go” at any of your events;
  • duration from 2 to 12 hours;
  • the price includes unlimited number of hot drinks, such as – invigorating coffee of any kind and type, starting with ristretto for those who really love strong coffee and all the way up to gentle latte for gourmets, as well as a full line of aroma-filled teas.

Who is this gift card for?

For people arranging different events, ceremonies, anniversaries, weddings.

Aroma-filled coffee drink will decorate your event in full!

Additional Information:
 Participants – unlimited
 Duration – 2 – 12 hours
 Date of expiry – 12 months

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What is special in this proposal?

In line with the old tradition, any festive feast ends with a sweet dessert – a cup of aromatic coffee or rejuvenating tea. For true coffee or tea fans, enjoying a drink is a ritual where every little thing matters.

“Giftcard” “Barista for your event” certificate will be an excellent present for any celebration. If a corporate event is planned, a party, business training or an important meeting with partners and you need to create a friendly environment, then inviting the barista will make the corporate event more effective.

A variety of hot drinks: strong coffee or flavored tea will help participants to feel the warm atmosphere and quickly find common language with all participants present.

You cannot imagine even an outdoors picnic without a concluding cup of tea or coffee? “Manuel Caffe” professionals have the skills of preparing many varieties of coffee, which will be enjoyed even by the most refined and sophisticated gourmets.

“Barista for your event” “Giftcard” certificate is an excellent gift for a wedding or family celebration on the occasion of the anniversary. It is nice to conclude the celebration with professionally prepared hot drinks.

Ristretto, latte, espresso or cappuccino? The “Giftcard” “Barista for your event” cardholder will be able to taste all of these hot drinks and more. “Manuel Caffe” uses the most contemporary equipment, which allows preparing the coffee using various technologies.

Are you planning New Year holidays outside the city and want to create real New Year atmosphere for your relatives, friends and loved ones? Imagine a tea party around festively decorated spruce in the circle of your loved ones…

The “Giftcard” “Barista for your event” certificate may prove to be be an excellent gift for any company. Are you meeting with the best school or university friends, and a pizzeria or a pub is already too boring of an option for you?

Become the founder of a new tradition – invite a professional barista for your event. The “Manuel Caffe” professionals use only the best sorts of coffee and know the special secrets of making coffee as well.

In case that you love coffee and dream of connecting your friends to a good tradition, then the “Barista for your event” gift certificate is an excellent option and the right way to go. Friendly gatherings or official events – any of these social occasions will turn out to be unforgettable should you conclude them with a cup of tea or coffee.


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