2,000.00 L

What is included in this proposal?

– children’s video clip, full production;
– duration – 2 minutes.

Who is this gift card for?

For children and their parents!

A film about your kids!

Additional Information:

Location – Chisinau
Participants – 1 – 2 persons
Duration – 2 minutes
Season – All year
Date of expiry – 12 months
Other information – Pre-registration is required!

What is special in this proposal?

A gift certificate for the shooting of a children’s video clip from «Frame Studio» is a good gift for both children and adults. The holder of the gift will receive a professionally filmed video clip lasting 2 minutes with the kids in the lead roles.

Your baby celebrates his birthday and you want to make a gift to yourself, grandparents and the «jubilee» in the future? Order a video clip in the classic Hollywood style!

Your grandson or granddaughter for the first time go to school, September 1 is always a very exciting day… And imagine that after years you can complete the video clip with the frames shot at the Farewell Bell holiday.

Do you want to capture the participation of your child in the matinee in kindergarten? Video operators from «Frame Studio» have a lot of experience of working with children, so the shooting will be natural, filled with emotions and children’s joy.

Graduation in kindergarten and junior school is a good story for a video clip. These are the first important events in child’s life. How important it is to capture sincere children’s emotions!

It’s a great idea to make a video «One day in kindergarten». The best way is to go to the professional photo studio «Frame Studio».

If you have a godson or a goddaughter, and you want to make an original gift, give the certificate for professional shooting from «Frame Studio». Children love to participate in the shootings and you will be able to see your child from an entirely new angle.

Video operators from «Frame Studio» will not only make high-quality shooting, but will mount and apply digital effects, make color correction. You can choose the music accompaniment by yourself or take advice from the «Frame Studio» specialists.

Your child is engaged in sports or dancing and you want to keep memories of these first steps, which then, perhaps, will lead him to success and fame? Make a video clip of your child’s hobbies!

Prepare a New Year’s party for your child and his friends? Keep for yourself and your children the fabulous atmosphere of the most beloved holiday of adults and kids! Remember the main thing – children like to receive gifts! Give gifts, make yourself and your children happy!


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