600.00 L

What is included in this proposal?

– chocolate wrap;
– scrub;
– massage;
– shower.

Who is this gift card for?

For those who want to feel all the charm of the chocolate wrap, dissolve in the aromas of chocolate and get a charge of vivacity and tone.

Additional Information:

 Location – Chisinau, V. Alexandri, 113
 Participants – 1 person
 Duration – 90 minutes
 Date of expiry – 12 months
 Other information – Pre-registration is required!

What is special in this proposal?

From the one thought that they are completely wrapped in chocolate, almost all girls have a languid smile on their faces. Not only the attracting aroma of chocolate drives people crazy, but also the result, which the wrapping gives. For those who dreamed of a beautiful body and rapid weight loss, there is no better option!

You are enveloped in fragrant chocolate and the masters from the «V.OK esthetic & spa center» knead your body with a massage. The gift card also includes a visit to the shower, where you can relax and wash off the remains of a pleasant procedure. In addition to wrapping, masters will carefully apply a scrub on your body that will remove all excess, and the skin will become soft and supple.

Any woman will be happy with such a gift certificate! Whichever holiday you choose, the surprise fits perfectly into its atmosphere!

St. Valentine’s Day?! Great! Send your girlfriend to the procedures. By the evening she will feel herself the most beautiful woman on the Earth.

Birthday?! Even better! The birthday girl wants to look best! Give your beloved, friend or sister a wonderful certificate for visiting chocolate wrapping! Do it a little in advance, so that on her day the heroine of the festivities will scent of fragrant notes of chocolate!

Why you should wait for a special reason, if you can please a woman for no reason in particular? Especially if you notice that mom, friend, beloved or sister feels tired and exhausted. Chocolate wrap is something that will help her to regain strength, remove toxins from the body, give a charge of vivacity and tone to the whole body!

This procedure helps to cheer up even on the cloudiest day. And also gives the chance to become «Lady in chocolate». Want to surprise someone with an unusual gift or just cheer up? Chocolate wrap in «V.OK esthetic & spa center» is your assistant on this difficult way!

This gift will fit not only young girls, but also our dear mothers. Do you think your mother will never agree? Just offer! And be sure to remember that chocolate has a rejuvenating effect, relieves excess weight, and is also prevention against wrinkles and other troubles.

And remember that «in chocolate» can be not only a blonde! Don’t be afraid to be original and give your girlfriend, mom, friend, sister and all female half of your life an unforgettable chocolate paradise, using a gift card from «V.OK esthetic & spa center».


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