• ДЕГУСТАЦИЯ ВИН «Каберне»
  • ДЕГУСТАЦИЯ ВИН «Каберне»

600.00 L

What is included in this proposal?

– 7 wines «Cabernet» from different producers;
– cold table: cheese, walnuts, crackers, dried fruits, prosciutto.

Who is this gift card for?

It is for lovers and connoisseurs of wine « Cabernet».

Additional Information:

Location  Chișinău, str. Șciusev 62
Participants – 2 persons
Duration – An hour
Season – All year
Date of expiry – 12 months
Other information – Pre-registration is required! Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health! The service can be used from the age of 18.

What is special in this proposal?

Grape variety «Cabernet» appeared in Moldova two centuries ago. It was brought to Moldova by the French colonists. Cabernet wine is one of the most popular types of wine in our country.

This wine has a beautiful maroon color and a rich harsh taste. In addition, the «Cabernet» has always been considered beneficial for health, as it helped to improve blood composition and strengthen immunity.

Present the gift certificate for the degustation of 7 varieties of «Cabernet» to the man: the father or brother, the best friend or your boss. «Cabernet» is a wine with a truly masculine character!

Of all the wine varieties, «Cabernet» has the harshest taste. Depending on the wine aging period, tasting different varieties of «Cabernet» you will feel the fragrance of violet or blackcurrant taste. Young varieties have the aroma of morocco, green pepper and pine nuts.

Such a gift will be appropriate by February 23 or Saint Valentine’s Day. Ladies will be able to share pleasure with their loved ones, rich fruit notes of this sort of wine make the «Cabernet» a favorite drink for women.

The recipients of the gift certificate can use it at any time during the year. Imagine a beautiful summer evening with a glass of harsh wine with a traditional Moldovan meal!

If your relatives or friends dream of becoming wine experts, give them a certificate to visit wine room wine.md. Wine degustation is an art. The smallest details are important here!

The shape and size of the glass, the temperature of the wine and the appetizers are important. Only if you follow the rules you can enjoy the aroma and taste of true Moldovan wine.

And, of course, the company in which you are going to taste the wine is important. Divide the real gourmet pleasure only with the closest and dearest people!

Anniversaries, wedding anniversaries, friendly parties, New Year, March 8 and February 23 – for each of these holidays the best way will be a gift certificate for degustation of 7 varieties of «Cabernet».


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