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900.00 L

What is included in this proposal?

  • Complete relaxing massage in 4 hands;
  • duration is 50 minutes.

Who is this gift card for?

For everyone who wishes to discover the magic of massage in 4 hands.

Massage is not only meant for your wellbeing, but it is also healing energy flow.

Additional Information:

 Location – Bd. Decebal 6/4, Chisinau, Moldova
 Participants – 1 persons
 Duration – 50 minutes
 Season – All year
 Date of expiry – 6 months
 Other information – Pre-registration is required!

What is so special about this offer?

Giftcard certificate for four-hands massage procedure is a paired massage that allows you to experience a double advantage over a classic massage. Make such a gift to someone you want to show the greatest care and love for.

Present the four hands massage procedure from “Aquaterra Wellness & Spa” to your beloved man for the February 23 or for St. Valentine’s. In the winter, it is so pleasant to feel the effect of whole body massage indeed.

Giftcard certificate for four-hands massage procedure from “Aquaterra Wellness & Spa” can be presented to the fan of SPA procedures, who is looking for a new experience. This procedure is also suitable for a skeptic who has not yet evaluated all the benefits of SPA procedures.

All the advantages of a classical massage are doubled in the case when the massage is performed in 4 hands. Pair massage has a good relaxing effect for a tired body, and a pleasant atmosphere and enchanting music will enhance the effect of the masseur skill.

Giftcard certificate for four-hands massage procedure from “Aquaterra Wellness & Spa” is an ideal gift for a modern metropolis resident. The reason for such a gift can be any holiday or even a simple weekend. Massage in 4 hands quickly eliminates the constant stress and fills your body with vital energy.

Two skilled masseurs will carefully work out each muscle of the body: from the toes, where the biologically active points are concentrated, to the top of the head. The steam technique of performing the massage facilitates complete relaxation and restoration of the nervous system.

Four-hands massage from “Aquaterra Wellness & Spa” is an ideal gift for a young mother who, when taking care of her baby, experiences excessive stress on the spine and arm muscles. Gentle massage in four hands will remove the pain from a tired spine and will help relax the muscles.

Make such a gift by Mother’s Day or St. Valentine’s, to your lover, wife or mother. Massage along with other cosmetic procedures allows to keep the skin young and supple.

Is New Year, a wedding, or another significant celebration approaching? You want the recipient of the gift to appreciate your care for him and your understanding of his needs – hand him the “Giftcard” certificate for a four-hands massage procedure from “Aquaterra Wellness & Spa”.


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