250.00 L

What is included in this proposal?

– 1 session of therapeutic anti-cellulite massage, done by specialists of the Revimed Center

Who is this gift card for?

This kind of present is the best choice for women close to you: relatives or girlfriends suffering from cellulite in problem areas of hips, buttocks, abdomen.

Additional Information:

  Location – mun. Chișinău. str. Mircea cel Batrin 13/2 (sector Ciocana)
  Participants – 1 person
  Duration – 1 hour
  Season – All year
  Date of expiry – 12 months
  Other information – Pre-registration is required!

What is special in this proposal?

The cost of this gift for your loved ones is 250 lei, which is relatively inexpensive in comparison with the effect that the massage procedure does on the body. The essence of the proposal is the procedure of anti-cellulite massage, provided by professional massage therapists. Happy owners of the gift card will also be able to consult with specialists and get detailed advice on what else will help get rid of the hated cellulite. This can be a special set of exercises, a cardinal change of lifestyle, dietary products and additional spa treatments.

The essence of the service is next: when you visit the center, you (or your friend who received such a nice gift) present a card-certificate, and you are given an anti-cellulite massage service, according to the cost of this card. If you want to continue the course, the client can pay extra for next additional sessions, so this gift card can be like an introductory one.

The principle of carrying out an anti-cellulite massage session is as follows: with the help of special vacuum jars-suckers placed on problem cellulite zones, the masseur smooths a loose layer of epidermis, creating the effect of an «orange peel». The process takes place in the inner layers of the skin, so sometimes it’s a bit painful. But, as practice of many satisfied clients of «Revimed» shows, you just have to wait a little – and the result will not keep you waiting.

As a variant of anti-cellulite, lymph drainage massage procedure is performed in the medical center «Revimed». The effect of splitting fat cells is achieved when using a special device. An experienced doctor directs ultrasonic signals to the lymph nodes, thereby ensuring the outflow of fluid from the organs and destroying cellulite.

Of course, to achieve the ideal effect is not enough for one massage session: you need to regularly fix the results by repeated procedures. However, it is for provoking such a desire that we suggest using a gift card. Trying once, your beloved mother or girlfriend will have an incentive to go further and improve.

What else is useful in anti-cellulite massage? In addition to eliminating cellulite itself and forming a beautiful silhouette, a beautiful look is acquired by the skin itself. It acquires a healthy color, it becomes smooth and supple, due to which a woman grows younger. The general condition of all organs improves. The tightened figure stimulates to always be in a tonus and a wonderful mood.

Purchase of a gift card will benefit not only the owner. This is also an excellent choice for the presenter. You will avoid the difficult situation when you want to give something useful, not one of the trivial trinkets, but the imagination fails. The сard is beautifully decorated, is inexpensive and will make an indelible impression.

A gift card for massage can be presented as a birthday present in a close family circle. It is advisable that the closest people are near, so as not to embarrass the recipient of the gift. But wise ladies, aware of the effectiveness of modern medicine, will understand you or even ask to join!


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