400.00 L

What is included in this proposal?

– training in the rules of belay and safety, elements of rock climbing techniques;
– set of safety climbing equipment.

Who is this gift card for?

For everyone who loves extreme sports, who has an active life position and who is eager to learn new things.

Additional Information:

 Location – AVENTURA-PARK, str. Ghioceilor, 1
 Participants – 2 persons
 Clothing – Sports clothes and sports shoes
 Weather – Favorable
 Duration – An hour and a half
 Season – Warm season
 Date of expiry – 12 months
 Other information – Pre-registration is required! This attraction can be dangerous for your health.

What is special in this proposal?

Do you want to feel the adrenaline rush and spend an unforgettable day together with your soul mate or best friend? You have such an opportunity – discover the world of adventure by ordering a gift card for a master class on rock climbing on a professional climbing wall of Chisinau!

The event is supported by the store of equipment for extreme sports LIMON and the organization GIFTCARD. A fascinating journey, coupled with the difficulties of climbing on steep rocks, is conducted under the supervision of an experienced instructor-climber. He will give the new-found climbers a lot of useful advices and teach how to properly handle the equipment.

The instructor will conduct a master class for beginners: within an hour and a half he will explain to them and visually show the basic of rock climbing techniques. This is an extremely important time for beginners, especially for those who have no idea about climbing dangerous rocks. If your hiking trips were previously limited to climbing small forest hills, then this entertainment is exactly for you!

During the master class participants are taught valuable rules for organizing belay – in fact in such a dangerous business, belay and maximum safety are more important than ever. It is necessary to remember about the personal mutual trust, as well as the degree of responsibility assigned to each participant of the expedition. Often, when climbing, the main support of a climber is a hand of a comrade, given in time.

The climbing wall AVENTURA, at which the event is held, reaches 9.5 m in height. This is quite dangerous, so it is extremely important to follow the instructor’s advice and not to miss any valuable observation! In addition, AVENTURA is located in the open air, so it is in the interests of the card holder to activate it in dry, clear weather.

For the duration of the lessons, the students are given the entire set of safety climbing equipment: protective helmets on the head, tying systems and sit mats, runners and carbines for clinging to the ropes and facilitating the descent, repelling device. Take care of your comfort in advance: clothes should be comfortable, not restraining movement and warm enough, because you will be in an open, windswept area.

Unforgettable will be an extremely romantic date on the climbing wall, which you can arrange for your beloved girl! If she is energetic and cheerful, then open her the door to a new world full of extreme and exciting adventures, in which she will plunge with you! To celebrate the anniversary of the wedding or March 8 in this way will be more than original!

If you have a bosom friend with whom you from childhood were into various fun woes, then there is no better way to consolidate your friendship than to give him a card for climbing lessons for two persons!Be sure, he will appreciate your birthday present or the New Year one, and be sure to spend this day with you. And later you will amaze your friends with your adventure, showing them colorful photos from the climbing wall and sharing unforgettable impressions!

And if your parents were fond of extreme sports in their youth and still like to rest actively, don’t hesitate – a card for a master class in rock climbing will be an excellent gift for them for any holiday. They will thank you for a long time for this exceptional opportunity to once again feel the adrenaline and incredible emotions from a merry adventure together!


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