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500.00 L

What is included in this proposal?

– peeling-gommage on the basis of cleansing cream and porcelain powder;
– massage with oil;
– creamy body cream;
– duration is 100 minutes.

Who is this gift card for?

For ladies who want to look like the Egyptian queen Cleopatra and command the world of men!

Additional Information:

 Location – Chisinau, V. Alexandri, 113m
 Participants – 1 person
 Duration – 1-2 hours
 Season – All year
 Date of expiry – 12 months
 Other information – Pre-registration is required!

What is special in this proposal?

The gift certificate «Giftcard» to visit the salon «V.OK esthetic & SPA» is truly a royal gift that any woman can wish for. A visit to the salon presupposes SPA procedures for the body «Secrets of Cleopatra», which include peeling gommage, massage with oil and the use of creamy body cream.

Cleopatra is a symbol of beauty and femininity already a millennium. Traditions say that she knew special secrets of eternal youth and beauty.

SPA procedures for the body «Secrets of Cleopatra» will please a woman of any age. This is a very useful and pleasant procedure. Within 100 minutes the recipient of the gift will be able to relax and acquire peace of mind.

This gift is perfect for a woman – workaholic. A short procedure, which consists of 3 stages, is comparable in effectiveness to hours of sessions in beauty salons.

Peeling gommage not only gently cleanses the skin, but moisturizes and nourishes it. Thanks to the use of porcelain powder, a pleasant «side effect» will be the skin lightening. A massage with cosmetic oil will soften the skin and made it silky.

The gift certificate «Giftcard» to visit the salon «V.OK esthetic & SPA» can be presented to mother, grandmother or sister by March 8. By the beginning of spring, regardless of age, the skin requires a more caring attitude.

Professional cosmetologists of the salon «V.OK esthetic & SPA» have created procedures for the body «Secrets of Cleopatra»  in order to take care of the skin as effectively as possible. In addition, a pleasant atmosphere and attentive staff will create ideal conditions for a good rest.

Present the gift certificate «Giftcard» to visit the salon «V.OK esthetic & SPA» to your daughter, niece or goddaughter. Girls at a young age adore attending various cosmetic procedures.

Any of the young beauties will be delighted with the SPA-procedure for the body «Secrets of Cleopatra», as it not only improves the skin condition, but also allows for a short time to relax and rest. A gift certificate will be a useful and original gift to the graduation ball, wedding or graduation ceremony.

Gift from «Giftcard» is a pleasant surprise for any woman.


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Тип подарка

1 hour, 2 hours