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500.00 L

What is included in this proposal?

– gommage for exfoliating the horn cells of the epidermis, softens and moisturizes the skin;
– relaxing massage;
– aromatherapy;
– stone therapy;
– duration is 100 minutes.

Who is this gift card for?

For the beloved and strong half of this world – our esteemed men!

Additional Information:

 Location – Chisinau, V. Alexandri, 113m
 Participants – 1 person
 Duration – 100 minutes
 Season – All year
 Date of expiry – 12 months
 Other information – Pre-registration is required!

What is special in this proposal?

Gift certificate «Giftcard» for SPA procedures for men «SPA FOR HIM» in the cosmetic salon «V.OK esthetic & spa» is a way to surprise your man. Cosmetologists of the salon «V.OK esthetic & spa» have developed a special SPA program for men.

Is it February 23 coming and are you worried about choosing a gift for your father, grandfather or husband? Purchase a gift certificate for SPA procedures for men, which include gommage scrub, massage, aroma and stone therapy.

Men’s skin also requires constant care, like women’s. Accustom your man to a new kind of rest-visit to the SPA salon «V.OK esthetic & spa». Only 100 minutes are able to work miracles: a full rest, stress relief and prevention of seasonal diseases are provided!

Present a certificate for SPA procedures to your boss or work colleague. Hard workaholics are sometimes ready to spend the night at work. Support a colleague or boss, giving him the opportunity to forget about work.

Such a gift is perfect for an anniversary. Men worry about their appearance and excess weight no less than women. SPA procedures from «V.OK esthetic & spa», which include massage and stone therapy, promote the activation of metabolism, thereby reduce weight.

If your loved one is tired, don’t wait for a holiday to give him a gift! The next weekend he can devote to caring for himself. A modern man will appreciate such a gift.

Massage and aromatherapy can remove muscle clamps, relieve back pain and reduce fatigue. Professional massage can replace the hour of training in the fitness club!

The composition of the SPA-procedure for men includes gommage, which means gentle cleansing of the facial skin from contamination. Men’s skin is also susceptible to harmful external influences, besides daily shaving traumatizes the skin.

Having visited SPA-procedures once, your man will become a fan of this type of rest! Whichever holiday approaches, the gift certificate «Giftcard» for SPA procedures for men in the cosmetic salon «V.OK esthetic & spa» is an excellent gift for a stylish and modern man of any age!


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Тип подарка

1 hour, 2 hours

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