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600.00 L

What is included in this proposal?

– relaxing Balinese massage;

– duration – 50 minutes.

Who is this gift card for?

For those who appreciate quality rest and prefer to present pleasant gifts.

Additional Information:

 Location – Bd. Decebal 6/4, Chisinau, Moldova
 Participants – 1 persons
 Duration – 50 minutes
 Season – All year
 Date of expiry – 6 months
 Other information – Pre-registration is required!

What is special in this proposal?

Massage is considered one of the most effective stress fighting tools period. “Aquaterra Wellness & Spa” fitness club is the only club in Moldova, where the Balinese massage procedure is performed by masseurs from Bali Island.

“Aquaterra Wellness & Spa” Balinese massage certificate from “Giftcard” can be an excellent gift for fans of exotic relaxation. Southeast Asia is famous for its authentic massage techniques. Balinese massage combines the technique of classical massage as well as acupressure.

Is your friend or best friend an avid workaholic? Stress, fatigue, lack of time and muscle tension do not let him or her calmly do what they love. In this case, Balinese massage procedure certificate for the fitness club “Aquaterra Wellness & Spa” is always a suitable option. Bring a “Giftcard” certificate to a friend or girlfriend for their birthday.

Balinese massage is different from Thai and does offer more gentle approach to every session. Massaging the body’s energy meridians helps to release blocked energy, stretch muscles, relieve general tension, strengthen immunity, feel lightness and improve efficiency. Aromatic oils are used during massage sessions.

“Aquaterra Wellness & Spa” Balinese massage certificate from “Giftcard” will be an invaluable gift for both fitness fans and people who do not go in for sports at all. For athletes, the Balinese massage procedure will be valuable as, especially in case of sports injuries as well as muscle fatigue.

In case that the “Aquaterra Wellness & Spa” Balinese massage certificate from “Giftcard” recipient is not familiar with the sport, then this healing procedure will deliver a double advantage. Balinese massage gives pleasant sensations, it will help in working out all the muscles and also enables burning calories.

An important event is approaching, and your relatives or friends in the pre-holiday fuss risk becoming stressed out and fatigued? Whichever festivity comes – anniversary, a wedding or graduation party, a gift certificate for Balinese massage at the “Aquaterra Wellness & Spa” fitness club will turn out to be a wonderful way to remember about yourself and your health and wellbeing.

Professional Balinese masseurs of one of the best fitness clubs in Chisinau will perform massage at the top level. The philosophy of Balinese massage involves an individual approach to every client.

“Aquaterra Wellness & Spa” Balinese massage certificate from “Giftcard” is an ideal gift for any individual of any age. Deliver pleasant sensations, relaxing rest and charm of the East to your parents or children!


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