2,200.00 L

What is included in this proposal?

– infrared sauna;
– massage – 30 min for each person;
– Turkish bath-hammam and swimming pool.

Who is this gift card for?

For all couples in love who want to bring romance into their lives.

Additional Information:

 Location – Chisinau, Ciuflea, 1
 Participants – 2 persons
 Season – All year
 Date of expiry – 12 months
 Other information – Pre-registration is required!

What is special in this proposal?

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of relaxation and sensual passion with your second half – buy a gift card for the Adam and Eve Spa package at the Manhattan Hotel. After SPA visiting, you and your lady really will have a feeling that you are the first man and woman on the planet!

The complex of spa treatments offered by the hotel’s salon extends to two persons. This means that throughout the procedure you and your beloved will be in solitude, without outside visitors, thanks to which the aroma of romance and bliss will flow in the air. The only people who will be present are experienced masseurs and bath attendants, salon workers who will render you a complex of services.

At first, the kind staff of the hotel takes you to an infrared sauna, where the air temperature doesn’t exceed 65 degrees. Here your skin will steam out, become softer and get ready for the following procedures. The heat not only positively influences on the skin condition, but also favors the removal of toxins from the body. After visiting this place, you and the lady will become healthier and more cheerful.

If your flushed bodies require immediate cooling, then you satisfy by plunging into the pool. Cool water will wash off pleasant fatigue, relax the muscles and prepare for further procedures. For fans of the Jacuzzi is an additional pleasant nuance: the pool is equipped with a hydro massage device, so you can luxuriate for a while and massage your back with a jet of bubbling water.

The package «Adam and Eve» includes an exotic detail that has become popular in many European countries: a steam room or a Turkish hammam. The humid atmosphere, saturated with aromatic healing fumes, makes the stay in the hammam charming. You will feel like heroes of oriental tales or ancient Turkish sultans.

The final stage of the complex is a visit to the massage room. Qualified masseurs who know in detail the recipe for the right relaxing massage will massage your body gently for half an hour. After their magic hands you will leave the salon completely rested and will feel twenty years younger.

Give yourself and your beloved the paradise pleasure instead of bored movies or restaurants! It will be actual to buy a gift card for visiting the spa procedures «Adam and Eve» as a gift for February 14. You will not only avoid the tedious need to book a table in a cafe, but also give indescribable pleasure to your lady!

Romantic girls can present a SPA-surprise to their man on birthday or Valentine’s Day. If he really loves you, he will appreciate this sensual gesture, take you by the hand and you will go to dispel the routine boredom of everyday life!

And if you want to give your parents on the wedding anniversary something unusual that will warm up their twenty-year-old marital relations – give a card to the SPA! Instead of bored and banal figurines, alcohol, sweets, they will travel to a world of bliss, joy and romance together. Be sure – later they will warmly thank you for the opportunity to escape from everyday routine life!


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