600.00 L1,200.00 L

What is included in this proposal?

– surfing and/or training for one person.

Who is this gift card for?

A gift card is for surfers as well as for those who want to try this sport.

Additional Information:

Location – Odessa, Otrada beach
Participants – 1 person
Clothing – Comfortable clothes and shoes that don’t hinder movement
Weather – Favorable
Duration – 2 hours
Season – Summertime
Date of expiry – 12 months
Other information – Pre-registration is required!

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What is special in this proposal?

Windsurfing is a kind of sailing, for which is used a board with a freely rotating sail. To slip on the water even a small breeze is enough.

A gift certificate for training windsurfing will be an unusual gift to your family or friends. Gift an unforgettable experience to the recipient of the card!

This is a perfect gift for a person who has minimal physical training regardless of sex and age. Therefore, give a certificate for training windsurfing to daughter or son, beloved or best friend.

If someone from your family or friends is sad or tired of gray everyday life, add extreme to his life! Hardly anyone will remain indifferent to the sea breeze and salty spray in the face.

The validity of the certificate is limited to 12 months, so you can gift the card for training windsurfing even in winter or autumn! Bring joy to your children, nephews or grandchildren by the end of the school year!

Windsurfing will take place on the Odessa beach «Otrada». This is one of the most popular and equipped beaches in Odessa. You can enjoy rest by the sea, having received a portion of adrenaline and sailing along the coast.

Looking for an unusual gift that can leave memories for long winter evenings? Windsurfing has recently become very popular. Present a gift certificate for training windsurfing for the New Year, birthday or Valentine’s Day, so you will show your creativity and originality!

then do it in an original way! Your godchildren, children or grandchildren will certainly be pleased with the opportunity to surf under sail on the sea slick.

As you know, impressions are always more valuable than material things. Windsurfing will give the sea of positive emotions, as well as vivid memories for a long time.

You will not be surprised either by skydiving, by climbing, by horse riding or by a walk on a yacht? Try something new – windsurfing! This is a wonderful gift to you or your family and friends!


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