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What is included in this proposal?

— certificate for the purchase of a coat.

Who is this gift card for?

For girls and women who want to buy modern and high-quality outerwear.

Additional Information:

  Location — mun. Chișinău, CC Atrium , et. 2, but. 2046
  Date of expiry — 12 months
  Other information — Made in Turkey and Ucraine!

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What is special in this proposal?

A gift certificate from Giftcard for the Lumesh coat shop is a great gift for a woman of any age and profession. A gift from Giftcard gives you the opportunity to purchase a coat to your liking.

The coat store “Lumesh” is presenting outerwear of various styles and trends that will help create the conceived image. Coats of Ukrainian and Turkish manufacturers are of high quality.

As you know, the choosing of clothes is a very individual process. To guess the size, style and preferences of even the closest person is very difficult.

Therefore, clothing as a gift, although it is an obvious option, is still rarely used. With the certificate from Giftcard you can avoid such difficulties!

Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or New Year is coming up and you want to make not only a useful, but also a nice gift for your mother, grandmother or beloved?

A gift certificate from Giftcard for the Lumesh coat shop is a good gift that will allow you to choose coats, down jackets and accessories for every taste. Thanks to this certificate, the search for outerwear will be greatly facilitated.

Feel free to give the same certificates to both grandmother and granddaughter! Coats in the classic or avant-garde style, demi-season or winter, at affordable or high price can be found in the “Lumesh” store.

A gift certificate from Giftcard for the Lumesh coat shop is an opportunity not only to buy a coat, but also to choose for yourself an original winter dress.

Despite the global tendency for unisex, the feminine style is still in trend. It is quite difficult to look elegant and attractive in winter.

But in winter dresses and coats from the “Lumesh” store it is quite simple to do. Ukrainian and Turkish manufacturers have created collections in various colors from high-quality fabrics, as close as possible to the realities of Moldavian winter and the tastes of our women. «Lumesh».

A gift certificate from Giftcard for the Lumesh coat shop is a gift that will delight any woman! A birthday, a wedding anniversary or any other solemn event will be a great occasion for presenting a certificate from Giftcard to the coat shop.



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